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The Ancestral Sin

Directed by David Deri
Soundtrack album soon out
The Ancestral Sin

During the very first screening of The Ancestral Sin in Docaviv 2017, it was already clear to everyone in the audience that the movie will cause an earthquake. People cried, people shouted with anger, people stayed in their seats shocked.

Since that explosive premier the movie was screened in the Israeli parliament, in numerous festivals all over the world and was a commercial hit in Cinematiques all over Israel, becoming one of the highest grossing documentaries of the decade.

A year later It was turned into a TV series (See separate entry). So far only one track from the score (Diali) was released on a compilation album. That same track was orchestrated and performed by the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra Ashdod.

In her book Against Eastern Eyes (Am Oved 2021) Dr. Merav Alush Levron dedicated a chapter to the movie, analyzing among other cinematic elements the movie’s original score. 

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