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Being a film composer means you have to be able to produce a very versatile output, ranging in styles and moods according to the specific needs of each movie.

Being an Israeli film composer means you can stretch your musical boundaries even further.

Israel is a gathering place for people of many cultures. It's a natural haven for composers and producers such as myself.  Here I can write and record scores with some of the finest performers from all corners of the world. 

So, if you listen closely to the tracks hidden in these pages, you will detect sounds of North African violins, Salsa grooves, Atonal string quartets, Jewish clarinets, Reggae tunes, Persian Tars and Nays, Electronic soundscapes, Greek Bouzoukis, Baroque Harpsichords, Jazzy pianos, Church organs and much more.

 I hope the fact there is only one composer behind all this, gives the whole thing a sense of unity.  

Films don't need music unless proven otherwise.
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