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Spotting Yossi

Directed by Kobi Farag, Morris Ben Mayor
Soundtrack album available
spotting yossi

The music I wrote for this movie is very different from any other score I ever composed. Something in the wide, full of air cinematic language of this poetic memoir, left enough space for a large number of melodies, all longer and more complex than usual. I consider this soundtrack album to be my fourth album with Yossi Banai.


A few tracks from previous albums I had made with Maestro Banai were also incorporated in this film’s soundtrack. I regularly perform tracks from this album live on stage. Dream Circus was orchestrated and performed by the Israeli Andalusian Orchestra Ashdod

Awards & Nominations

Best original score 2020 - Israeli Documentary Forum (Won)

Soundtrack Album links

Ehud Banai on "Spotting Yossi"'s Score (Heb)

Orly Yaniv on the soundtrack album (Heb)

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